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We are passionate, dedicated, energetic, talented team specialized in full-service video production, PR, events, branding wrapped in full creative services, nurturing a client’s initial & creative idea through all the stages of development and production, to final delivery.

Ahmad Al Sheikh

He is overly friendly with Costa, blaming the promise of caffeine and the lingering smell of fresh coffee that wafts around us!! As a Managing Director, always formulating & successfully implementing Dali Advertising policy, Ahmad is responsible for business performance and contributing to the strategic direction of the company. He spends his days figuring out Dali’s future and making sure the company’s work is as good as it can be, always the lookout for ways to challenge and disrupt business models to make them better. The Best advice you can get is from our Godfather.

Saied Labban

This dude’s passion in Graphic Design has made him a highly motivated, adaptable, effective at managing multiple tasks; including creativity, execution, conceptualizing, Design, Printing and Delivery of final product. Our Creative Head is able to generate creative work in extremely fast-paced, by leading a super talented team of designers to deliver exceptional work for our clients. He likes looking at the bigger picture but he ends up always with details.

Hani Alsheikh

This guy is involved in ensuring that all of our project works and operational activities happen to the high standards that we set ourselves and our clients expect. Our executive director enjoys working within a fast-paced environment as he always makes sure that Dali Advertising has the best working environment & processes, satisfying internal & External stakeholders.

Riman Baddour

This lady has the ability to stay focused in stressful situations, thus allowing her to lead the creative execution and production process from inception to completion. One of our Lead Designers fancies typography and can tell you the story that you can see in the place you dream to be. She likes taking photographs & her best advice: Take a break, step back, have a cup of tea. & don’t forget to smile.

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