What is DALI Artista?

DALI ARTISTA gives an excellent opportunity to make an original gift – a picture from a photo.

If you have been looking for creative gift or decoration for the interior, a portrait from your favorite photograph in an unusual style – is a great idea, and we can help you realize this with complete originality of painting and with stylish finish.

Pictures in the style of Dali Artista is an interior art object, result of your own hands on creative workshop, a perfect original gift for your loved ones and friends.

No programs and automation with buttons.

In the process of preparing the basis for a flip art picture, only people participate.

We are preparing an artistic base for your creativity, and you are creating a unique picture in the modern style of Pop Art. Now the art of painting is available to everyone – guaranteed fun in the process and the ideal result. Below you can see the process of making paintings.

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How do we make the basis for your painting?

The DALI team employs real artists who professionally prepare the basis for a flip art picture.

We draw each portrait from a photo manually, turning it into a basis for your creativity. It turns out the canvas with a portrait, which later becomes the basis for your picture in the style of pop art.

Real paints and brushes. On a real canvas. DALI Artista- unique paintings created from beginning to end by hand.And no artificial filters or additional purchases of equipment and paint required. Everything you need – is in the Dali Artista Pack

We pack the whole set for further creativity and ship to you. You will need to make a creative gift that you just need to creatively color and get an amazing portrait! By the way, you can order delivery of an original gift in Dubai – we will do it with pleasure.


Artistic portrait - your own, close person, idol or even your pets. A romantic picture of an important moment in your life - a wedding or the first smile of a child. You are not limited by anything but your imagination. And we are always ready to experiment with the plot. Come up with the perfect gift - we will help you make it happen!

How will you draw?

Like a real artist! Forget about the standard sets, where you need to strictly observe the arrangement of colors and lines. Remember, artists are not born, they become. With DALI you will become a painter right now! Create, experiment, use any technique. We create for you a canvas of a picture from a photograph and provide materials that will inspire you to create a masterpiece. You are drawing! Do not forget to leave the artist’s signature on the painted portrait;)

How to use DALI?

Choose a photo from a photo album or take a special photo of the plot that you want to see in the picture (you can even send 2 different photos - we will combine them into one). Send it to us, indicating the palette and size of the future masterpiece. Agree on the sketch, pay the order and within 1-2 days receive a complete set for drawing. In each box we put detailed and understandable instructions. Take a hand in hand and create!

You can paint a portrait yourself, feeling like a real artist.

Draw a portrait as a gift to a loved one with the whole family! Even a small child will cope with this task.

Arrange an art salon by ordering portraits of all those invited to the party, and then hold an opening day or auction.

Create a real show for the audience! Painting on canvas with paints is an amazing process that captures everyone.

We are fashionable!

Celebrate with us by sharing your pictures in social networks, put the hashtag #daliartista #daliadvuae and explore what others are doing with daliartista

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